Soul Contract with the Arts

I choose to turn my writing into a priority. I choose to improve and master my writing skills. I choose to create my story and share my truth with passion, fearlessness and authenticity, whatever it takes.

I’ll find a way to write despite all the reasons not to write. I’ll make the time to create even when I think I can’t, when it gets hard, when I resent the process, when what is required of me seems impossible, unbearable or much bigger than me. I’ll find the strength and courage to break through, over and over. 

I’ll be as resilient, as diligent, as hard-working and as persistent as I must, until I’m satisfied with my progress, until at last, my world of words is built.

I hereby commit to my lifelong creative work and I accept the the joy and the setbacks that come with the journey.


SIGNED___Chessaria Moriarty__________ on (date) ___11/24/2017__________________ 

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