Vision and Mission

1. What are 3 of your top Passion Points? Think of 3 relevant, life-giving, transcendent actions, practices or activities you enjoy doing to the point of getting lost in them and losing track. If you can’t find three doings that you feel “passionate” about — start with what makes you curious.

  1. Yoga
  2. Learning new things
  3. Reading

2. Based on your Passion Points write your Vision for yourself – i.e.what you want to RECEIVE from Life and the World.

I want to continue reading and learning new things.  I want to share my love of yoga with the world.

3. What are 3 of your most significant Pain Points? Think of 3 issues, fears, sources of pain that have caused you significant discomfort in your life — whether recently or in your lifetime.

  1. Fear of not being enough.
  2. Fear that I am selfish.
  3. Fear that I’m not liked.

4. Based on your Pain Points, write your Mission – i.e. what you want to GIVE back to Life and the World, how your vision fits on this planet, in this time and age.

I want people to feel like they are enough and not selfish for what they want.  I want people to not worry about what people think of them.

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