My core story

What are a few false statements you can recognize as a part of your distorted Core Story?

Thinking back through all the events or circumstances that caused or intensified your Pain Points — dig deeper and find out what distorted statements or beliefs they’ve left you with.

Write these statements in present tense because this is how the Self experiences them — as realities. Write them in the third person to add more objectivity. E.g. “She/He is not creative. She/He is not gifted / talented enough. She/He can’t make art.

We are usually too deeply identified with the first person, the “i”, the subject of our lives and it isn’t until we change the vantage point that we can become more aware of the damage these false stories are doing to us.

  1. She is selfish.
  2. She is stupid.
  3. She is a bitch.
  4. She is ugly.
  5. She is fat.
  6. She is worthless.


These are the thoughts that often go through my head.  My anxiety tends to make it worse.  No matter how many times I succeed, or how many times I receive a complement to the contrary of these beliefs, they still rear up in my head.  I’m hoping to one day change that.


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