More of My Core Story

Create a new statement about your life, a redefined Core Story, that includes all the pains and gains of your journey.

Everything you’ve lived through is now a part of you and both the good and the terrible have brought you to this place.

With a newfound awareness and gratitude for all that you are, you can transform your Stories of Survival into new Stories of Aliveness. Keep this statement relatively short — anywhere from one paragraph to two pages, as you see fit to express. Reread this every day or as often as you can, and tweak it as you keep evolving and becoming more acquainted with your truth.

You may write it in the first or third person.

I have been through some tough times, but I am resilient and can work through anything I put my mind to.  I am amazing at what I do, and I work hard to know everything I can about my job.  I selflessly give quite often, but I also recognize that I’m selfish enough to take care of myself when I need to. I am a powerful woman with a lot to say and do in this life.

*This is a work in progress.  I keep saying positive affirmations to hopefully believe this one day.

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