Second most recent “life interruption”

Recall 3 experiences in which you’ve experienced a certain “death” or “life interruption” through any kind of loss (small or great) that shook and changed your world for you. Start with the most recent one and go back in time. Try to recall your very first Loss of Innocence or first major Disappointment.

My second most recent “life interruption” also occurred at work, but at a different job.  I was working at Michael’s Arts and Crafts with a new manager.  She seemed very cold and terse in the beginning.  Due to my upbringing, I thought she was always mad at me.  I confided in a coworker about how I was feeling and trying to get a second perspective, figuring she also works there, she might see things the way I did, or maybe differently.

This coworker proceeded to tell my manager everything but spun it to make it sound like I was complaining.

This is another example of realizing that I couldn’t trust people.  It’s been pretty hard because I’m such a trusting and honest person.  I would never dream about telling someone what a coworker confided in me, unless it was something that was truly dangerous.  Unfortunately, not everyone is like me.  Some people are only in it for themselves, and it makes me very sad.

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