The Great Work by Tiffany Lazic

Back a while ago, my friend picked up this book and I thought it sounded pretty interesting.  I decided to get it myself, but then it sat on my shelf for a couple of years.  With building this blog and working on my writing more, I decided to pull it out and use it as some of my prompts for posts.

I like the idea of working on specific things throughout the year.  It makes healing a little more manageable.

Part One runs from December 21 to January 31 and focuses on the roots and foundations.   She gives a little overview of what this time of year represents, a little mythology lesson.  The three main themes include our place within our tribe, victory of order over chaos, and the rebirth of the light.

The author goes so far as to provide a number of Gods that are archetypes of the Child of Light, such as Marduk, Mithra, Horus, Dionysus, and Baldur.

Then there are the prompts for the next week, to dive deeper into our lives and experiences.

Today’s prompt is to reflect on a time when I experienced chaos.

I deal with anxiety, so I often feel like my world is in chaos.  There are days where the smallest things will set me off and I feel like I can’t handle anything.

One example of that was at my last job.  I used to work in the Medical Records office of a local hospital.  I was trying to add paper to the large printer in the office and one of the drawers wouldn’t behave and slide back in like it should.  I ended up on the floor crying because it was so frustrating.

I have many other stories like this.


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