Feeling secure

In what circumstances do you feel safe and supported?

I feel safe and supported whenever I’m with my husband.  He pushes me to do better every day, and supports me and encourages me when I feel like I’m not enough.

I also feel safe at home.  I know this is something that seems pretty normal, but I know there are plenty of people who don’t feel safe at home.  Whether that is because of the people living with them or that they are stressing about losing their residence due to lack of funds.

I’m only beginning to feel somewhat safe at work.  I still stress daily that I might be fired, but I do feel like my managers care about me and think I’m an amazing employee.  I just wish I saw that in myself more.

I have more work to do to not cut myself down so much so I actually feel safe with myself, rather than looking for distractions.

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