My body

What aspects about your body do you like, and which do you dislike?

I love the fact that my body is so strong.  Not only am I able to hold many yoga poses, but my body keeps on ticking without much help from me.  I love the way my feet look.  I love the muscle in my upper arms, how strong I am there.  I love the way I look with just a tiny bit of makeup and my glasses on.  I love how much breath I can hold when I’m doing breath work. I love the uniqueness of my eyes- one eye has a large strand of brown in it while the rest is green.

The things I dislike about my body are probably what most women dislike.  My saggy breasts, my large hips, the fat on my stomach and thighs.

I try to remember that fat doesn’t mean I’m less-than.  I try to remember that the stretch marks are natural.  I try to remember that my husband loves my saggy breasts, as it’s because they are so large. I try to remember that despite the extra weight, I’m able to do a lot more than some women who are thin can.

I’m slowly learning to love my body more and more, though it’s no easy task.

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