Calcination is a term pulled from alchemy where the material to be transmuted is subjected to intense heat to drive off any waters and impurities in the material.  The result is a fine, dry powder.

In life this can be seen as times where major events happen, often breaking us down, such as a death or job loss.  Often the emotions of anger and fear come up during these times.  Many people call this the “dark night of the soul.”

In psychology, this can address the attachment to the ego, or maybe a discovery that the self we think we are is simply a persona or illusion.  These false selves are created to help us protect ourselves from rejection, judgement, and shame.  This can be very “soul-limiting.”

We, as humans, will often hold on to the security and sureness of life, rather than stretch to something new.  This might be a soul-sucking job, an abusive relationship, or never losing those 50 pounds we say we are going to.  This is due to the fact that any change may set off questions that will force us to look at uncomfortable places.

Despite how much we resist change, Spirit or Divine energy comes into our lives and forces us to change.  This can be a reminder that we are both human and spirit.  Despite how uncomfortable it can be, calcination is a significant moment.  It is the moment when we become open to new possibilities, and also a time where we have to have faith in us and Spirit.

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