What is your sense of your instinctual side?

I’ve always struggled with my instinctual or intuitive side and my logical side.  There are often things that I sense or know, but can’t explain.  My logical side always wants to find that explanation.

This has caused me to question my own beliefs often.  Difficulties in life haven’t helped that any.  I play with my tarot deck randomly, and I wonder if I’m just seeing what I want to see.  But then there was a time a random stranger found my posts about tarot on Instagram and asked me if I could do a reading on the sex of the baby that Kate Middleton had recently come out about.  When I conducted my reading, I couldn’t determine the sex of the baby, but I got the card that represents mothers.  Of all the cards I could pull (72 by the way), I pulled that one.

Another time I was stressing about work,  which if you have read any of my posts, this is an issue that comes up often for me.  I decided to ask the cards what I should do, because I was feeling so lost.  All I got out of the cards was that work is causing me stress.  I talked to my friend about this, questioning magick.  She said that is the very essence of magick.  I was picking up on those vibes with my cards.

My witchcraft classes are an attempt to pull on my intuitive side.  The more I learn the more I experiment with.  I am hoping to get more in touch with my intuition in the future.

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