I am unique, just like everyone else

What aspects and traits about yourself do you feel are unique and special? I am kind and caring.  I tend to give of myself more than I take.  I genuinely want the best for people. I am resilient. I have taken a lot from managers at many of my jobs.  Many people have told me... Continue Reading →

A light bulb moment

This past weekend we were all flown down to our Apollo Beach office for the company Christmas party.  I got to spend a fair amount of time with our COO who lives near Washington DC.  I also spent quite a bit of time with our Sales Manager. Through a number of valuable discussions with them,... Continue Reading →

More of My Core Story

Create a new statement about your life, a redefined Core Story, that includes all the pains and gains of your journey. Everything you’ve lived through is now a part of you and both the good and the terrible have brought you to this place. With a newfound awareness and gratitude for all that you are,... Continue Reading →

My Core Story Continued

What are a few true statements you can discern when you rise above these false stories? To get a clearer glimpse of your true core story, revisit the Passion Points exercise. Find a common thread through all your passion points. What are they saying about you? How is your passion redeeming you from your pain?... Continue Reading →

My core story

What are a few false statements you can recognize as a part of your distorted Core Story? Thinking back through all the events or circumstances that caused or intensified your Pain Points — dig deeper and find out what distorted statements or beliefs they’ve left you with. Write these statements in present tense because this... Continue Reading →

Vision and Mission

1. What are 3 of your top Passion Points? Think of 3 relevant, life-giving, transcendent actions, practices or activities you enjoy doing to the point of getting lost in them and losing track. If you can’t find three doings that you feel “passionate” about — start with what makes you curious. Yoga Learning new things Reading... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Addiction

This has been weighing heavily on me lately so I thought I would share with the interwebs in the hopes that it makes some people feel less alone. I have my own addictions.  It's not the usual substance abuse addiction.  It's eating a lot of food and shopping.  I know these are ways that I... Continue Reading →

A Love Story

Writing prompt 2: Write a short story (3 paragraphs) about your first love and loss of it. Choose your form: short story, micro fiction, poetry, essay form or any way you feel at ease telling this story. Recall what the world felt like. What life felt like. What you felt like. Include sensory details. I... Continue Reading →

A Breakup letter

Writing prompt 1: Write a Break-up Letter or a Termination Notice to a part of you that is holding you back and standing in the way of your Creative Revolution and which you no longer want to feed or encourage or allow to take over your life. Dear Self, I'm writing to you today to... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Your Creative Self

1. When did you first discover your passion or curiosity for writing? How did it all begin? Do you remember any people or events attached to this discovery? I feel like I've always loved writing.  I never did the journaling thing until more recently for other reasons.  However, I've found that the writing portion of... Continue Reading →

Soul Contract with the Arts

I choose to turn my writing into a priority. I choose to improve and master my writing skills. I choose to create my story and share my truth with passion, fearlessness and authenticity, whatever it takes. I’ll find a way to write despite all the reasons not to write. I’ll make the time to create even when... Continue Reading →

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