One of the little sections in The Great Work talks about water and how it connects to emotions.  From my pagan background, I've know about this relationship for a long time. One of the prompts in the book asks about if there are any bodies of water that make me anxious. In reality, almost all... Continue Reading →


The last few weeks I've been pretty sick.  This cold is just lingering and doesn't seem to be letting go.  The cough is the worst.  It keeps me up at night, makes my throat raw, and makes work difficult.  I have to make a lot of calls each day.  It's hard to be professional when... Continue Reading →


Reflect on whether your eating and sleeping habits feel healthy and balanced. I have spent most of my life struggling with my weight.  Pretty much ever since puberty, I've been overweight.  So reflecting on my eating habits is difficult.  I definitely try to eat healthy, but I have a pretty strong sweet tooth.  Consequently, I... Continue Reading →

Root chakra

Chakras are energy centers found in the body, and correspond to different emotions, beliefs, and even parts of the body.  This knowledge is found in eastern philosophy. The root chakra is found at the base of the spine, connecting our energy with the earth.  The bones of our body, including the teeth, are associated with... Continue Reading →

My body

What aspects about your body do you like, and which do you dislike? I love the fact that my body is so strong.  Not only am I able to hold many yoga poses, but my body keeps on ticking without much help from me.  I love the way my feet look.  I love the muscle... Continue Reading →

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