Winter’s hold

In what ways do you celebrate or acknowledge the release of winter's hold? I love when it starts getting lighter in the mornings and when it's lighter after work.  This year the winter has been much less harsh weather wise, but I still have missed the sunlight and being able to work in the yard and... Continue Reading →

Seasonal affective disorder

Do you find yourself impacted by seasonal affective (SAD) disorder? This is definitely something that affects me every winter.  The cold makes me want to stay indoors and cuddle up under a blanket.  I really don't do well with the cold weather.  Also, the fewer hours of sunlight frustrate me, as I just want to... Continue Reading →

Losing Control

Have you ever had a moment of losing control? I've had many moments of losing control.  It is often precipitated by some small event setting me off.  It's like the straw that breaks the camels back.  Many things pile up and then I let it all go at once, and usually that leaves me crying... Continue Reading →

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