What in your life do you try to control, and where do you allow flow? I'm a very anxious person, so I tend to try to control everything.  I'm a self-admitted control freak.  I also believe this comes from my mom being a control freak, so I learned to be that way from her.  I... Continue Reading →


The last few weeks I've been pretty sick.  This cold is just lingering and doesn't seem to be letting go.  The cough is the worst.  It keeps me up at night, makes my throat raw, and makes work difficult.  I have to make a lot of calls each day.  It's hard to be professional when... Continue Reading →


This pagan holiday is often celebrated around February 2nd.  It kind of corresponds with Groundhog's Day and Candlemas.  This holiday is halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. People often celebrate the fact that the days are beginning to get noticeably longer and in some areas, the weather is warming too.  In Colorado... Continue Reading →

Root chakra

Chakras are energy centers found in the body, and correspond to different emotions, beliefs, and even parts of the body.  This knowledge is found in eastern philosophy. The root chakra is found at the base of the spine, connecting our energy with the earth.  The bones of our body, including the teeth, are associated with... Continue Reading →


Calcination is a term pulled from alchemy where the material to be transmuted is subjected to intense heat to drive off any waters and impurities in the material.  The result is a fine, dry powder. In life this can be seen as times where major events happen, often breaking us down, such as a death... Continue Reading →

Risks and exploration

How comfortable are you in taking risks? I'm not very comfortable at all.  I don't like change much.  I like things to stay the same, as much as possible. How encouraged were you to explore new things in childhood? I don't remember much about my early childhood, but I remember not being able to go... Continue Reading →


The first few years of a child's life are important.  All needs must be met for the child to thrive.  If a child experiences trauma during this time, typically they begin to mistrust others. How trusting do you feel yourself to be? I personally feel very trusting.  Often my friends and coworkers tell me I'm... Continue Reading →

Origin and developmental reflection

From The Great Work, the last week was about reflecting on my origin and development. There can be imbalance in the family and it can manifest in two polar extremes: the Controlling System and the Chaotic System. In the Controlling System there are rigid rules and little to now acknowledgement of differing needs. There is... Continue Reading →

Feeling secure

In what circumstances do you feel safe and supported? I feel safe and supported whenever I'm with my husband.  He pushes me to do better every day, and supports me and encourages me when I feel like I'm not enough. I also feel safe at home.  I know this is something that seems pretty normal,... Continue Reading →

Optimism and Hope

What symbols speak to you of optimism and hope? The biggest symbol that makes me think of hope and optimism is women working together.  I think we have so much that we can share with one another, and we should start working together more.  There is so much support and love to be had when... Continue Reading →

Losing Control

Have you ever had a moment of losing control? I've had many moments of losing control.  It is often precipitated by some small event setting me off.  It's like the straw that breaks the camels back.  Many things pile up and then I let it all go at once, and usually that leaves me crying... Continue Reading →

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