Wild Wild West Con 7

We have been down in Tucson, Arizona the last few days for a steampunk convention called Wild Wild West Con.  It's been great to dress up and hang out with like minded people.  Here are some pictures from the convention.

Origin and developmental reflection

From The Great Work, the last week was about reflecting on my origin and development. There can be imbalance in the family and it can manifest in two polar extremes: the Controlling System and the Chaotic System. In the Controlling System there are rigid rules and little to now acknowledgement of differing needs. There is... Continue Reading →

Optimism and Hope

What symbols speak to you of optimism and hope? The biggest symbol that makes me think of hope and optimism is women working together.  I think we have so much that we can share with one another, and we should start working together more.  There is so much support and love to be had when... Continue Reading →

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